The whirlwind of finishing university

After finishing university with a 2.1 in linguistics and communications and society I thought brilliant, I’ll be able to go out a find a job easy. That’s what everyone had always lead me to believe anyway. “Go to university and the world will be your oyster” blah blah blah. WRONG.

Don’t get me wrong, university was the best three years of my life and no one will ever be able to take those memories, or friends I made away from me. However, since finishing I am in competition with 500,000 others with degrees and without degrees looking for jobs and I haven’t got a clue still what I want to go into.

I’ve always had a job since I was 16 going from McDonald’s for two years, boots, a theme park etc. When I finished uni I was working as a team leader and administrator at a local theme park, which I loved but it wasn’t good pay, pretty seasonal and had no progression opportunities. I interviewed elsewhere and took a job as a sales administrator. Well, that’s what I thought. Turned out they wanted me to become an exports manager with no training, in charge of multimillion pound orders and be financially responsible! Safe to say, after a week I was gone.

This meant that I was back to square one and had to suck it up and asked for my old job back. Which they said yes immediately, thank goodness. I carried on applying and interviewing for different roles. Really wanting to go into the NHS but never being shortlisted. I got a role as a website administrator just down the road from me, which is where I am now. I thought, well not bad, I’ll take it, but it’s still very low wages.

Another problem with this job is that they always want me to make hot drinks and the tasks are very mundane and I could do them without a degree. I do some interesting stuff with sorting out health and safety and fire risks etc which I enjoy but the role is mostly putting things onto the website which is very repetitive and boring but I like the people I work with so it’s not the worst.

My problem is every role I have had have all been low wages, no progression and have not needed a degree. I’m really struggling at the moment to find something and it’s becoming truly aggravating. The NHS for receptionist and admin roles won’t even shortlist me. However, I do have a job interview next week as a banker and I really have everything crossed. Could this be my chance?

Other things I have looked into include going back to do a PGCE, however I need experience in schools and to do that I would need time off work. So that’s an issue as I need the money.

I’ve basically written this to say that it’s truly not as simple as people make out. They say it’s easy to get a good job, a degree sets you apart etc. but I’m not finding this easy at all and I really want to get a job I am proud of.

Becky xxx


Day / Night out in Birmingham

Last week I visited Birmingham for the night! I have never been so I thought with it not being too far away it would be nice to go.

Me, my mum and my sister went on the coach from Nottingham (which was very cheap!)

We booked to go to the Hilton Hotel, where we dropped our bags off and walked to the Jewellery Quarter where we visited the Jewellery Museum which wasn’t to my taste but my Mum thoroughly enjoyed it!!!!

We then had a walk around and visited a few different places before the rain set in.

Once we had looked around we got changed and went out drinking cocktails! We had some of the besttttttt food and cocktails I’d ever had a Rev de Cuba and it was all well priced.

The next day we visited the Bull Ring shopping centre. With my mum being disabled and needing a wheelchair a lot of the time now we thought we best hire one there. We didn’t bring hers with us due to believing that if / when we needed it we could just hire one. Anyway, if you have a disability and are wanting a wheelchair for the day, Bullring shopping centre is awful! I repeat, awful! We had to treck right down to the car park on some kind of wild goose chase before finally finding a shop mobility (we had left my Mum on a bench by this point as it was far far too far for anyone who would need this service) and pay £10 to hire it and £10 deposit. None of the staff knew where the shop was and everyone told us differently, it was a very long way, on the opposite side of the carpark.

Once we had got over this annoyance we began shopping! I didn’t really need anything but enjoyed looking around. There was a quite a variety of shops which we spent all day looking around. I bought a mini Mac lipstick in Whirl (after loving Velvet Teddy) the Nyx angel Veil primer (more make up I didn’t need) and a skirt from Forever 21.

I enjoyed Birmingham, but the fact of the access for disabled people to gain a wheelchair for hire was appalling and sort of put a downer on the weekend. But barring that, it was a lovely couple of days spent with my mum and sister catching up.

The following photos shows a few photos from the trip and also what I bought.

Thanks for reading!!!


Mini Boots haul

So the other day I went to boots website and saw that they had an offer whereby if you spend £60, you get £10 worth of points. Me being weak with Boots easily spent £60.




What I picked up…

  • Mark Hill Pick and Mix handle – I have been eyeing up the Mark Hill range for a while now. As a lover of the Remington curling wand, I have been wanting to try out other barrel sizes etc and this range seemed like the perfect solution. The handle cost £15 from Boots.
  • Mark Hill Cork Screw Curl – This is the barrel I have been most looking into. It was £12.99 and creates lovely tight curls.
  • Mark Hill Glam Waver – I ordered this barrel due to its size. It looks as though I can use it quickly to create curls and it means I now have three different sized barrels if you include the Remington Wand I already own. This barrel cost £15.
  • Rimmel London Translucent Powder – this is one of my all-time favourite pressed powders and a staple buy for me.
  • Benefit Ka Brow – I’ve been wanting this for a long time now, but the £20.50 price tag has been putting me off. I have the L’Oréal Paradise pomade which is a sort of dupe for the Benefit but I have finally bought the product I wanted in the first place.
  • Nyx foundation mixers – due to summer coming up, I have decided to buy some darkening drops costing £8 to help match my favourite lighter foundations to my now darker skin. I decided to buy the shade ‘Olive’ which is a light brown.
  • Nyx Stay Matte but not Flat foundation – so I bought this foundation due to it only being £6 which I thought was a great foundation to try in the shade ‘Warm Beige’.

Elizabeth Arden ‘Beautiful Colors’ review and swatches

The Elizabeth Arden beautiful colours individual eyeshadows RRP at £19 at Boots in the UK and come in many beautiful shades.

I bought one of the eyeshadows a few months ago in the shade Sunset 15 and totally fell in love with it. It was a lovely colour, highly pigmented and was perfect for travel when you don’t want to take a massive palette with you.

Sunset 15 is a beautiful subtle pink shade, with a silver shimmer. The consistency of all the eyeshadows is fab, there is no fallout and lasts all day without creasing. The shade Sunset 15 is perfect for an everyday look on its own or works as a great transition colour when doing a smoky eye. I often take this shadow with me when travelling for the night when packing light, blended in with a contour shade used as an eyeshadow makes the perfect combo.


Due to loving the shade Sunset so much, I decided to buy more of the eyeshadow range. Including Graphite, which is a stunning dark grey with silver shimmer and is perfect for a smoky eye look. This shadow is so easy to blend and work with, mixed with the other shades I have bought it makes a quick and easy eye look which looks great. It has no fallout (Just like all the shadows) and is very buildable depending on how you want the shadow to look.


Another shade is Sparkling Sable which a darker pink/purple with a gold hint that shimmers through. This is a more of a subtle colour but looks lovely when you want a simple eye look or to mix in with other shades. It works great when mixed with Sunset, with both colours complimenting each other perfectly.


Finally, I picked up golden orchid which in the pan looks a lovely dark brown with glitter speckles inside of it. I was somewhat disappointed with this shade as although it looks lovely and glittery in the pan when swatching you can barely see the sparkles at all. Although it is still a lovely shade which blends out to be gorgeous, it’s not quite what I expected from looking at it in the pan.


All in all, I couldn’t recommend this shadows anymore, they are all highly pigmented, last all day without creasing and blend out beautifully, what more could you ask for?

A walk in the sun ☀️

Sometimes it’s nice to disconnect from the world and walk for miles with the dog, without a worry in the world.

It’s nice to actually look up and see the world we live in for a change instead of having a motive to why we are outside. Whether that’s running to the car to get to work or rushing across the busy roads to do the school run. For once, it’s nice to stop and analyse what we have and use the spare time we have. Instead of sitting in and watching tele, I enjoy to walk around the area and take in some fresh air.

My local area has a pit tip and it’s one of my favourite places to walk with the dog and stop at the top and see for miles around me, especially when it’s lovely weather.

London 🇬🇧💂🏻‍♀️🎭

To celebrate the end of my three years at university and eighteen years in education I have decided to book a few trips to experience the world a little both in England and outside of England which you will be seeing more of within my blogs over the next few months, I am sure. While I have the spare time and flexibility of a student job still (I am looking for a grown-up job, honest) I have decided to use my leftover student loan to enjoy myself before I am stuck in a 9-5 where you can’t just get cover for those day trips with my mates and those nights out (and hungover mornings) which you regret.

Anyway, the first place I booked to go with my friends was London. National Express coaches from Nottingham are dirt cheap and although it’s a 3 and a half hour journey of trying to figure out why the bus WiFi won’t work and wondering what the stain is that is in direct eye line on the seat in front of you, it really isn’t that bad for about £10 return.

For the two night stay I actually slept at my friends house near Victoria station which was handy and free. Although I did have to stay on the floor, and due to stubbornness to not bring anything like a blanket or pillow with me, I got barely any sleep, I was freezing and my hips were digging into the actual floor like daggers. I was given a small blanket and a cheap pillow in which I folded in half but honestly I couldn’t complain too much as accommodation in London is expensive and all I wanted was a safe place to put my things and sleep and it did the job.

We arrived at around 4pm on Sunday, along with the two friends I travelled with, we were greeted at the coach station by another friend and headed to the house to drop off our stuff.

We were very lucky and all the days we spent in London it was over 20 degrees and dry so we got really lucky. We also got lucky in the fact that the royal wedding was happening the week after, so the city was in preparation with decorations.

Once we dropped off our stuff we headed off to the Westfields shopping centre and got a bite to eat. When I say a bite to eat, I mean we actually spent about an hour considering each restaurant and ended up in Zizzis where we got 40% student discount (result). Honestly, the pizza I had was lovely and set me up to get some alcohol inside me at Spoons (can’t go anywhere without visiting spoons!!!). Where on the tables it said something along the lines of watch your bags, they may get stolen. Which I thought was a lovely touch (not).

The next day was the busiest day, where we walked over 10 miles to do everything we could. We got up bright and early and headed to Harrods for 9:50, in which we waited 10 minutes for it to open! Once in there we got completely confused to where we were heading and ended up feeling totally out of place in our Primark summer tops and Topshop skirts against the £££££ dresses in which we found ourselves playing a game of who could find the most expensive attire, which was costing far more than our cars put together.

We did eventually find what we were looking for, which was the Harrods gift section and Toy Store to satisfy the 10 year olds inside of us.

We then went to visit the imperial war museum which was honestly, amazing. It was so insightful and also free. It really informs you on WW1 and WW2 and especially on the top floor which tells the story of the Holocaust. As a history buff myself I truly enjoyed the three hours spent in there and it opened my eyes further to the info I already knew studying it at A Level and far far more.

A trip to London is never complete unless you visit Buckingham Palace and take 200 photos of it, to probably never look at again. This trip was no different, especially knowing that Harry and Meghan would be marrying there a week later.

After visiting the home of the Queen we walked around Saint James Park Lake to Trafalgar Square, Leicester Square, China town, M&M World and Lego store (obviously).

We decided to eat at Planet Hollywood before making our way to the Dominion Theatre in the West End to see the Bat outta Hell. Due to my cousin being part of the cast we got AMAZING seats on row F, right near the stage making us very lucky. The show was superb and really topped an already amazing day of being tourists.

Due to departing at 10am the next day, we didn’t do much else and honestly, I was ready to get back to a real bed.

But it was one of the best trips in England I have done and it was super cheap which makes it even better!!

Tarte Cosmetics haul!

Okay so since my last post on the Tarte pro to glow palette I have been loving it! Loving it so much I decided to treat myself to the 7 products for £56 deal on the Tarte Cosmetics website.


I have been wanting to try the Tarte face shape foundation for a while now (even though there has been so much controversy over the product) so I was happy to see it within the offer. I bought the matte version due to my skin being pretty oily, and in light neutral.


Although I also really wanted to try the Tarte Face shape concealer, they didn’t have it within this deal so I, therefore, bought the Rainforest of the Sea Concealer instead in light, in the hope that it will be just as good.


I also ordered the Amazonian clay ‘gifted’ mascara and waterproof eyeliner pot in black.


Due to absolutely loving the highlighter within the pro to glow palette I decided to order the rainbow highlighter from Tarte, which has 4 different colours in, so seems perfect for travel for both a bit of highlighter or a bit of inner corner eyeshadow glow.


Finally, I ordered the Tarte Matte lip paint in get it! And the beautifully vibrant, and great quality make up bag in a blue shimmery colour.


All the products feel high quality and I am very excited to try them all out!!!